The beach at Newbiggin, once one of the key reasons for its popularity in the region as a holiday destination, had in more recent times suffered from the effects of severe coastal erosion caused by its tides.

Couples sculpture

Sean Henry's first offshore sculpture

It had major reinvestment to reverse this land erosion, including having 500,000 tonnes of sand imported to the beach and the development of a breakwater, which doubles as the UK’s first permanent offshore sculpture, to achieve this.

The beach still also used by fishing boats known as cobles, a traditional and very particular boat to the North East. This practice dates back to the fourteenth century when Newbiggin was a busy port and still continues to this day. Visitors can see these old traditions continue to be passed down locally while taking in beautiful views, golden sands or maybe even enjoying an ice cream!

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    Newbiggin by the Sea Northumberland