Newbiggin is in a great place for cyclists to plan into a visit through Northumberland.

It is situated on the Coast and Castles South cycle route, which passes a number of historic sites including Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle in addition to travelling through beautiful Northumbrian countryside. Moving into Scotland, riders will eventually reach the Moorfoot Hills up into Midlothian and be rewarded with its accompanying views of Edinburgh.

Cycling in Newbiggin

Explore Newbiggin by the Sea on two wheels

The route is part of the national cycling network connecting from Dover to the Shetland Islands and provides endless opportunities for riders travelling to or from anywhere else around the country by bike. Those planning to take either of these routes will find Newbiggin an ideal place to stop off for rest, replenishing supplies or to stay during their travels.

There are also quite a few more local routes that have been well tested by riders during events such as the Newbiggin Sprint Triathlon, which takes place every year there and has a 27km cycle ride as part of the competition.

So whether you plan on passing through or staying local, Newbiggin can offer cyclists a number of options when planning that next trip!

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    Newbiggin by the Sea Northumberland